Body Treatments

Massages & Exfoliation


Full Body Massage – 1 hour  £55
Back Massage – 45 mins  £40
Back Massage – 30 mins  £35
Back and Scalp Massage – 45mins  £40
Neck and Shoulder Massage – 20mins  £26
Leg and Foot Massage – 20mins  £26

Hot Stone Therapy

Full Body Hot Stone Massage – 1hr 15mins  £70
Back Hot Stone Massage – 45mins  £45


Sea Salt Scrub – 30mins  £35
This divine salt and oil scrub is infused in a sweet almond and grape seed oil base designed to invigorate the skin, whilst warm essential oils help to gently stimulate the senses, ideally suited for a pre or post holiday skin treatment!
Body Polish – 30mins  £35
The coconut and lychee body buff is packed full of moisturising coconut oil and vitamin rich lychee which instantly promotes healthy, glowing skin and prevents premature ageing. This exfoliating treatment is better for sensitive skin as it contains no preservatives or alcohol.

Back Therapies

Purifying Back Treatment – 45mins  £45
Designed to be like a facial for the back, the back is cleansed and polished and(if necessary) extractions are performed followed by a relaxing massage to release tension and a warm mud mask to purify and cleanse the skin.
Replenishing Back Treatment – 45mins  £45
A hydrating version of the purifying back treatment. All of the above plus the application of rich emollient creams to soothe and deeply condition chronically dry skin issues.